"Coffee  ~  the favorite drink of civilized world " - Thomas Jefferson

We serve italian coffee from ALLCOFFEE.
Our staff is well trained to prepare your best cup of coffee. 
We prepare our meals only with the finest ingredients.
Our spanish ingredients as Serrano ham and Manchego cheese and chorizo are the best quality.
Our chef is well experienced spanish from Catalonia region.
Our ingredients are always fresh.
We are working hard to deliver quality service to our clients.
We are making sure our clients are always satisfied.
We are always searching new ingredient to offer new products to our clients. 
100% italian beans, strong, rich, gourmet quality
This air-dried ham sometimes called treasure of Spanish cuisine looks like Italian Prosciutto but has distinctly more flavor, less fat and is more expensive. Serrano ham is more then a delicacy, dry cured for at least 14 months in the mountainous regions of Spain. The majority of Serrano hams are made from white pigs. 
This cheese comes from region La Mancha of Spain. Its made from the milk of sheep of the manchega breed. 
Manchego cheese has to accomplish these requirements:
- it must be produced in area that is restricted to
- it can be made only with the whole milk of sheep of manchega breed
- the cheese must have been aged between 60 days and 2 years
- the cheese must be product by pressing in a cylindrical mould.
This delicate cheese is low in lactose and richer in protein than meat. 
Spanish chorizo is dried and cured sausage in a casing,its made of chopped pork and pork fat and seasoned with smoke paprika, which gives it its vibrant color. Spanish chorizo is the perfect way to add the spirit and flavors of Spain to a meal. 
In 1704, the Armenian Georgius Damascenus founded the first Czech coffee lounge named “The Golden Snake” in Prague. Three hundred years later, in 2003, the Armenian Gevorg Avetisyan and his sister established the MARLENKA®, making honey cakes according to an old Armenian family recipe. The first cakes were baked just for their friends, and they later offered them to local coffee shops. But this honey pleasure quickly gained great popularity. The fragrant, sweet and smooth cake was given its beautiful name after the owner´s mother and daughter – MARLENKA. Only the best, carefully selected ingredients are used for the production of the honey delicacy. Therefore, MARLENKA® cakes are free from any artificial preservatives and colors and are the only cakes in the Czech Republic to be assigned NATURAL PRODUCT status.